Tusday’s Tools: Time


While at first glance, this seems to not be a tool at all, the quote is accurate.  How many times do we say “I don’t have the time to sew”?  I know I have been guilty of that for over a year now.  How often does time make it where you don’t get what you want accomplished?

This is not aimed at any one of you, but it is a tool that I use as a crutch.  I don’t have the time to do it because of the baby.  I can’t sew today because I don’t have the time between dinner and bed.  Whatever reason I use, it is an excuse not to sit down and sew.

We all have the same amount of time.  Using it as a tool is making it work for you instead of you working against it.

So why include it on Tuesdays?  I have a deadline for sewing I have to do.  (And no idea what to make for myself.)  Time is ticking, and nothing’s been done.  By not using my time wisely, I am making a crutch to fail.

Books are out about taking the time to sew.  Utilizing time as a tool to make that seam, to add that zipper…this is a tool that will come in handy for years to come, in and out of the sewing room.



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2 responses

  1. Hi Elaina,
    I have an award for you on my blog – hopefully this is a nice way to finish up 2012 and start 2013! Feel free to play along or not – whatever suits you. :)
    Regardless, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and I’m sending you all my best wishes for a very Happy New Year!


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