And I’m back…kinda

I got a new computer from a friend (yay!) so I can actually, you know post and stuff.  And I DID sew for a change.

Now, I have to find time to take a picture of it, and drag off the picture of the other item I did sew.

In the Duck Pond, we’re doing a lot of spring cleaning.  NOT as easy as it sounds in a tiny house, wouldn’t you know.  Which means a re-haul of the fabric stash, trying to get to the post office to mail a package of fabric out, and getting over the winter blues, gardening and trying to figure out what I need to sew coupled with my baby duck telling on me to all and sundry I didn’t sew for her.

Yes, you read that right: my 16 month old daughter tells on me because I made a piece of clothing for myself and not her.  (Which she totally is going to get over that one, I tell you.)

So this next week is going to be a little off, then I (hopefully) will actually get and keep to the posting schedule I have.

Right now, I’m in a blah area with the sewing.  I have a shirt cut out I don’t think I’ll like, a robe I need to make (that’s cut) and a metric crap ton of fabric I really like.  Oh, and I’m not pattern poor either.

And then I discovered I had another problem with the sewing all together.  Said duckling stole my iron.  Again, you read that one right.  Toddler decided to steal my iron.

Oh, not the big one.  Not even the electric one, for that matter.  But let me tell you, ironing with a child standing on a chair with your sad iron “helping” you is a test in agility, grace and acrobatics, none of which I possess all that well.   Sadly, I had to buy another sad iron because it’s what I do the fiddly work with, bias tape and little junk.  My big iron sucks for that.  (And what does it say that instead of taking my iron back, I just bought a new one?)

The good news about it is that the one I got was bigger, so I can sew camping during the zombie apocalypse because it gets thrown on a fire.  The bad news?  It’s not a child’s size.

So now that there is a huge wall o’ text: see you Monday with sewing!

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